Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The ShanghAI Lectures will not only serve as a virtual environment for cross-border collaboration but also as a research platform to study global virtual team collaboration.

During the ShanghAI Lectures you will be requested to fill in online questionnaires on your subjective experiences of the interaction in the virtual environment. In addition, data generated by your activities on the ShanghAI Lectures website may be logged and used for research purposes.

All data collected in the context of the ShanghAI Lectures will be treated confidentially. Neither your name nor your email address will be linked to self-reported questionnaire data or the log data from the website. Your anonymity will be guaranteed. All data (e.g., your name and email address) will be deleted after completion of the research project. Any published or reported data will be based on aggregated results and no individual will be identified in any published work.

You can withdraw your participation in the research project at any time if you wish to. Your decision whether to participate in the study or potential withdrawal will not affect your academic evaluation. If you wish to withdraw from the research project, please send your request to research@shanghailectures.org and write a short statement about the reason for your withdrawal.

If you have any questions regarding the research project in the context of the ShanghAI Lectures, please do not hesitate to contact the research team at research@shanghailectures.org or directly contact the scientist in charge, Dr. Béatrice Hasler.

The videoconference lectures are recorded and made available to the general public on the ShanghAI Lectures website. By attending the ShanghAI Lectures in a lecture hall you implicitly give us permission to film you and to publish this video as part of the lecture recording.

Some functions of the ShanghAI Lectures website are provided by third parties. Please review their respective privacy policies:

Within the ShanghAI Lectures people of different nations, genders, religions and cultures are coming together in a virtual environment. Treat each other with respect and tolerance and respect property, which means, in particular, not to insult or embarrass anyone or not to use or demolish work of others in any way, e.g., not to copy any work or parts of work of others for your own purposes without the explicit consent of the originator.

Please be aware that in case of unlawful or improper conduct or violence of these Terms and Conditions you may be disclosed from the ShanghAI Lectures for a number of hours up to the whole duration of the lecture series.

By your registration on the ShanghAI Lectures you confirm that your actions on the ShanghAI Lectures website can be logged and used for research purposes as stated above and that we are granted the permission to send you invitations to fill in online questionnaires. By your registration on the ShanghAI Lectures website you are accepting the present Terms and Conditions.

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