Group Project Kōans

2017 projects


  • 11 December: Kōans published
  • 26 December: Deadline, register and select a Kōan
  • 29 December: Student groups published
  • 22 January: Deadline, preliminary design report (you can start to submit on January 15)
  • End of January until Mid March: Group presentations

Grading scheme

  • Preliminary design report (25%)
    • Repository Wiki on e.g. GitHub/GitCafé (preferred) or 4 page (max) report
    • Ideas, plans and current progress
    • Graded by your tutor(s), send via email
  • Group presentations (75%)
    • Cisco WebEX or Google Hangouts, WeChat or similar, we are flexible
    • Evaluated by a presentation panel


See the 2017 intro presentation “Group Project Kōans” Pdf version here.